About Us

I am Matthew Gregson I started the company Trade and War 5 years ago. We are a 5 year old company providing comprehensive solutions for the conveyancing services. I am a licensed conveyancer from The Australian Property Institute. I got my graduation from the Melbourne Law School. Since then I started working for the real estate field and the interest for conveyancing started.

I started working in conveyancing field and gained deep understanding of the field. I went for the diploma in conveyancing from the Central Institute of Technology and got my advance diploma from there. For the past 10 years I am working on conveyancing and after dedicating 5 years of my life in conveyancing I decided to open a firm of my own. That gave birth to the Trade and War and we have a very strong client list of happy and satisfied customers.

Conveyancing is an essential process that is to be carried out by all the private property owners and the investors and every buyer and seller who gets involved in the property selling process. We provide the most affordable services by the best industry conveyances, call us today to know more about us and our company.