Everything You Wanted to Know About valuation and Were Afraid To Ask

The Robert Kiyosaki books Rich Dad Poor Dad coconut caramel which what it is but he says that risk is just a measure of knowledge so something good pilot you would consider not risk a first time investor would consider risky just simply because you know more so ultimately what you said before about the research it becomes critical because the more you know the less risky has become so for me I’m buying I think bought properties in the last days yeah none of them a lot of the interstate, yeah none of that feels risky because of the knowledge and been doing this for a long time correct and I have the same emotion around buying real-estate that I have about buying a load of bread for a first time investor that’s just poles apart emotionally nice too.

Things it’s property valuer degree a really good point what I might do for the listeners I ‘ve got this little diagram where I’ve drawn and this sort of our see-saw and you know it’s sort of and there’s obviously procrastination and then there’s greed and so I might just speak to that on a little video and we’ll put that up in nobody on the website just about it because that that is the beautiful part of our protein present you can actually you can increase your returns by leverage as long a magnification so for too long you get your cash flows and all that done but there’s still that element to go run to greed and you can go too hard at it and but if you build you knowledge up that knowledge doesn’t-necessarily mean gas` it just means execution confidence and support fundamentals as oppose that procrastination point so good one yeah they.

Valuation have it listeners the property coach condo no use check by that the next couple of weeks there’ll be a video up there the pens going to talk about that very thing and I want to talk about adrenaline versus boring Oh hotel I reckon that a lot of people want to get their kicks out of real estate here and reckon the plans that we build for clients that are very effective plans are boring they are and you’ve got to get your head around that because we’ve talked about this a couple times some of them is paying off the principal place of residence three or four investment properties jobs done game over hundred that I have to do anything more you deny passive income but for some people and I’ll say this with sensitivity and respect but some clients.